Bird Hazer, Dual power, Bluetooth programmable, 16 ounce capacity


Bird Hazer, Dual power, Bluetooth programmable, 16 ounce capacity.

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Bird Hazer, Dual power, Bluetooth programmable, 16 ounce capacity.

White in color, slim design (10″ high x 7″ wide X 2″ deep) with a 16,000 cubic foot volume capacity. The translates to 40 foot spacing under a ten foot high ceiling for example.

Runs on four D size batteries (not included) or can be plugged in using a standard USB C cable (not included).

Includes a specialized key to lock the unit and help prevent tampering or child access.

When filled with fluid plus 4D batteries, the unit weighs 3.5 pounds and can be mounted on a wall with two screws or adhered using the included specialized bracket. We recommend using a silicone based caulk and allow it to dry 24-48 hours before attaching the hazer. Can also sit on top of a flat surface like a table or cabinet for example.

The 16 fluid ounce capacity tank can only be filled with oil based fluids like EcoBird 4.0 40% Methyl-Anthranilate Bird Hazer Fluid that is also available for purchased at this site. See product description of EcoBird 4.0 Bird Repellent Fluid for more information.

Hazer produces a fine vapor particle (less than one micron in size) that stays in the air longer than larger particle sizes from other dispensers which fall and leave an oily residue. Has a blue LED light near the dispenser nozzle to light up the vapor and let you know it’s working.

Can be programmed using the LED display console on the unit or connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth using the downloadable Aroma Link App. Has up to five modes to turn ON and OFF at different times of the day or night depending on target pest bird activity. Can also be programmed to dispense varying amounts of product with a maximum output of 30 seconds ON every two minutes and a minimum output of 5 seconds ON every 10 minutes.

The unit also has a small visual display to indicate battery life, while the Bluetooth App give the battery life in the form of a percent for more accuracy.

HOW TO USE IT – Built-in programming flexibility allows for varying degrees of service schedules. For example, at the maximum output setting and operating 12 hours a day, the unit will consume approximately one set of four alkaline D size batteries and 16 ounces of fluid in one month. We recommend maximum output during the hours when the pest birds are active for the first month with weekly visits to determine consumption of fluid and batteries and to monitor pest bird activity. Starting the second month, there should be less activity and the system can be dialed down accordingly allowing for longer battery life, lower fluid consumption and options for service every 2 or even 3 months as needed.

Perfect for loading docks, balconies, outdoor dining areas and other semi-enclosed areas where pest birds can congregate and cause product damage or health concerns due to their droppings.

GUARANTEE – The unit is guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship. Each bird challenge is unique to the bird species, its behavior, and the location where it is being a pest. The place for this solution when compared to all other options for bird control is that this product can be affordable enough for a little trial and error. Manage expectations and potentially solve a unique pest bird challenge with a relatively low-priced solution. We can’t accept returns because you did not get the desired result. For any other reason, please send an email to [email protected] within one year of purchase. Write “Return Request” in the subject line. Make sure to include your phone number and reason for your return request. We will review your request and get back to you with a possible resolution.

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