EcoBird Eco 14.5 Bird Repellent Spray Can (3-Pack)


3 Cans bundled together.

EcoBird 14.5 Bird Repellent Spray Can contains Roth Chemical’s EPA approved, proprietary formula and a safe, neutral propellant to shoot a stream of bird repellent like a can of wasp spray.

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3 Cans bundled together.EcoBird 14.5 Bird Repellent Spray Can contains Roth Chemical’s EPA-approved, proprietary formula and a safe, neutral propellant to shoot a stream of bird repellent like a can of wasp spray.

HOW TO USE IT – SHAKE WELL is in a large font on the top for a reason. Just like a can of spray paint, the better you shake it, the more of the product will be released before the propellant runs out. Then, using proper PPE, aim and shoot. Start with short bursts and follow up with longer bursts as needed. May have to reapply after a few days depending on the persistence of the pest bird. The distance it shoots (approx. 20 feet) allows you to get close enough to an elevated or other location without scaring the bird away before it can encounter the stream. It dries clear, so it should not stain surfaces. If staining is a concern, recommend you try it first in an inconspicuous area to make sure. Compatible with the Gotcha Sprayer Pro Extension Pole Adaptor.

WHERE TO USE IT – The product is considered food grade, so the label is relatively liberal regarding the locations where it can be used, including directly in and around structures and certain food crops. Just make sure you read the label and understand where it CANNOT be used. Some of the main uses we can think of are: Under eaves and soffits to deter nesting starlings and swallows before they can build their nests. Anywhere a pigeon or house sparrow is nesting. To flush birds out when installing a bird net or trying to catch them with a mist net. Can also be an unprotected bird like a Muscovy duck or feral chicken. Around a woodpecker hole on a tree or structure. Although the label states: “Use to repel woodpeckers, geese, starlings, pigeons, doves, grackles & all types of nuisance birds”, just like with any other bird solution, you need to identify and know the protection status of the target pest bird. Having said that, if a bird is not protected, then it is OK to spray the nest or even the body of the bird for better results.

HOW IT WORKS – The active ingredient is Methyl-Anthranilate or MA for short. MA is a proven bird repellent, in a new and easy to use spray can. MA is a naturally derived, plant-based compound found in concord grapes, as well as many other fruits and flowers. Approved as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), MA is used as a common grape-flavored additive in chewing gum, candy, soft drinks, and Kool-Aid. When a bird inhales or ingests the MA, it irritates the trigeminal nerve in its beak causing temporary discomfort. It is completely harmless to the bird since the effects wear off when it leaves the area. Since it only affects avian biology, it does not have the described effect on people, pets, or other animals. Some people may find the aroma unpleasant, while others love it, but most people don’t care.

SHIPPING INFORMATION – This product cannot be shipped via air. Only ground.

GUARANTEE – Each bird challenge is unique to the bird species, its behavior, and the location where it is being a pest. The place for this solution when compared to all other options for bird control is that this product is a spot treatment that is affordable enough for a little trial and error. Manage expectations and potentially solve a unique pest bird challenge with a relatively low-priced solution. We can’t accept returns because you did not get the desired result. For any other reason, please send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase. Write “Return Request” in the subject line. Make sure to include your phone number and reason for your return request. We will review your request and get back to you with a possible resolution.

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