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The active ingredient is Methyl-Anthranilate (MA for short) and it is derived from natural components of concord grapes and other plant materials, is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), is US EPA listed since 1985 and is FDA approved as a common food flavoring and fragrance additive. A benefit of using MA as a pest bird repellent is its lengthy safety record as a flavoring additive for human food consumption. MA is present in many fruit bearing plants, as well as cocoa, black tea, and flowers, at higher levels than in this product. When a bird inhales or ingests the MA, it irritates the trigeminal nerve in its beak causing temporary discomfort. The bird immediately exhibits a biological response mid-flight to avoid the vapor and cannot adapt to the MA over time. The vapor is completely harmless to birds since the effects wear off when they leave the area. Since it only affects avian biology, the vapor does not have the described effect on people, pets, or other animals. However, a few people may find the grape smelling aroma unpleasant and even feel a mild respiratory irritation, while some others absolutely love it, but most people just don’t care, they’re happy the BirdHazer® is doing its job. BirdHazer® devices produce a fine vapor particle (less than one micron in size) that stays in the air longer reducing the risk of leaving an oily residue on the ground. Additionally, this feature makes it more likely that a pest bird will encounter the product while flying inside a treated air space. Since a bird’s breathing is heavier during flight the MA is more effective vs when it’s just perching. It’s also more effective on some bird species vs others. Generally, the larger the bird and its beak, the more effective. Except for vultures, we do not recommend this product if the target pest bird is a vulture. There are no “silver bullets” solutions for all pest birds behaving badly in all situations. You may need to combine our products with other solutions to attain reasonable control. Complete control is almost impossible under semi-enclosed spaces unless you can cover the entire open space with a dome or screen enclosure.


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